Will I ever see something as beautiful as Iceland?

Yadda yadda begins with a single step

So many micro.bloggers seem to be benefitting a lot from Readwise. I will give it another shot.

Great time to be getting rid of my iPad. I still have no idea why I bought it in the first place. In any case, one fewer “smart” device in the house, one fewer screen we are tempted to put between us and our son.

Facebook is the “zombie internet”

All of this, taken together, is why I think we should not view Facebook’s AI spam through the lens of the “Dead Internet.” The platform has become something worse than bots talking to bots. It is bots talking to bots, bots talking to bots at the direction of humans, humans talking to humans, humans talking to bots, humans arguing about a fake thing made by a bot, humans talking to no one without knowing it, hijacked human accounts turned into bots, humans worried that the other humans they’re talking to are bots, hybrid human/bot accounts…

My favorite thing about micro.blog, which is difficult to replicate in other online communities, is how genuine it comes across as. No “online persona curation”. I truly feel people are themselves over here.

This matters a lot, because the reason I quit social media years ago was how adept it was, like a cybernetic Procrustes, to form my views to conform to it.

What’s new, micro.blog world?