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Learning to play the piano

My goal is to be not-bad enough to be able to play the hymns for some of our small-group meetings at church.

Recreational programming

That's a term from Jamis Buck's book Mazes for Programmers that's resonated with me. I think programming has been my day job for so long, it's long ceased to be fun or interesting. Don't get me wrong, my job is very interesting in many different ways, but programming by itself is not. I replaced my inner hacker with an industrial programmer.

So I'm trying to restore that spirit of coding for fun: writing silly games in bad C, spending hours to automate 5-minute tasks, installing different operating systems.

Learning how to write

The only people I've ever written to were being paid to read me (teachers, coworkers, users.) I want to learn what it takes for people to want to read me.

Updated 2020-12-28